Tuesday, 8 January 2013

How it began...

I always get tearful when watching the London Marathon. Year after year I am touched by the stories, whether these be the reason why people are running, the obstacles that they have overcome and then the look of total satisfaction when these people cross the finish line. Inspired by these sights each year I insist that I'm going to give it a go. Years later I have wasted a ridiculous amount of money on gym membership, I own  a treadmill that makes for a useful shelf in the garage and have I completed my first marathon?
Of course I haven't. I can't run, it's hard and despite people telling me that it quickly gets easier I realise that the truth is I don't enjoy it.... in fact I hate it!

Last year the School in which I teach held an Olympic day and we were fortunate enough to have Ian Leech take an assembly. He had been a Torchbearer and him bringing it in to show us was quite an event for staff and pupils alike. Ian's story was truly inspirational to me and you can read more by following the link, he also reminded me of the fact that I used to love to cycle.

That day I got home and with the help of Google I found the event for me.... Nightrider! This has everything that I need. A distance that is enough of a challenge for me, an interesting route and at the time it was also far enough in the future for me to be able to give birth first!

So now we're in January and I've done it, I've signed up and even got myself a new bike (thanks to all the people who sent me money for my 30th birthday for that).

This blog should see me through the journey of losing weight, getting fit and completing Nightrider in the name of  the Lymphoma Association. I recommend that you follow the link www.mad4mel.co.uk to find out why I am riding for this charity. Ian's words on this matter are much better than mine could ever be. 

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